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Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software enables fleet managers to do their job more effectively. They can locate their vehicles, measure driver performance, manage fuel costs, schedule maintenance, and track jobs from start to finish. The software also simplifies compliance with government regulations.

#Best Fleet Management Software in India

Fleet management is a process that helps businesses who rely on transportation to make their vehicles more efficient and productive. This can be done by either having an in-house fleet-management department or an outsourced fleet-management provider. By doing this, businesses can 100% comply with government legislation, reduce staff costs, and improve productivity.

Fleet management software enables people to manage a company’s fleet of vehicles. Software, depending on its capabilities, allows functions such as recording driver and vehicle details, tracking of procurement costs, scheduling of maintenance and servicing tasks, import of fuel transactions, route optimization, and measuring of fleet performance via reports and charts.

Track Vehicle, Driver, and Inventory Details

With Our Fleet Management Software

  • Everything on Single DashboardTrack Open Job Cards, Alerts, Upcoming Services, Renewal Reminders, Spare parts,Tyre Management, Vehicle Status On a single dashboard.
  • Integrated systemIntegrated system to gain more insight, connect telemetric devices to pull data like fuel, GPS, Odometer updates.
  • Get all notificationsGet all notifications for Renewals, preventative maintenance, recalls and repair requests. Detailed service history and report on maintenance cost.
  • Increase probabilityIncrease probability by managing Service Cost,Fuel Qauntity, Accidents and Breakdowns.

Vehicle Lifecycle Management Platform

Manage Assets, Expense Tracking & Total Cost of Ownership

Track your fleet expense and earnings by your fleet in one place. Understand the true cost of running your fleet

Fleetable gives you real-time Total Cost of Ownership tracking & reporting.

Fleetable’s Fleet Management Software  understands the total cost of ownership for your fleet vehicles, you can make more informed decisions about how to best utilize and replace them. This is done by taking your industry experience and coupling it with accurate, up-to-date numbers.

Create Custom Reports In Minutes

Easily manage your most pressing questions concerning total spend and relative costs of different vehicle groups and types.

Find out exactly how much it costs to travel to places in real time.

At any point in time, it’s important to know the cost efficiency of each of your assets so that you can make budgeting decisions accordingly. Additionally, by looking at monthly trends, you’ll be able to tell when the best time is to cycle a vehicle.

Optimize vehicle usage on individual asset trends

Keeping track of the cost of each vehicle in real time allows you to respond properly to changing market conditions and unpredictable wear and tear. This way, you can make the necessary adjustments to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Gather and share real-time actionable insights across your organization.

Always in the know – Surface your most important fleet reports

Our reports feature easy-to-read data visualizations, flexible filtering, and customizable date ranges so you can get the information you need, when you need it. Subscribe to a report and schedule it to come straight to your inbox, or print and export PDFs to make sharing critical operations data quick and simple.

See operational costs, in real-time, across your entire business

View operating cost data for your assets to help you optimize allocation and financial forecasting. Fleetable’s Fleet Management Software gives you the ability to see how much it costs to keep specific vehicles, groups, or your entire fleet on the road. Having this information can help you make better decisions about where to allocate your resources and how to forecast your finances.

  • Vehicle operating costs (fuel and service)
  • Total fleet operating cost by month

Track how your vehicles and equipment are being used

Utilization is important to monitor for each vehicle so that you can make changes as needed to ensure that your vehicles and equipment are being used efficiently.

  • Average mileage per day (utilization) by vehicle or group
  • Vehicle assignment history across operators and vehicles
  • History of status changes (in-shop, out-of-service, etc.)
  • Audit trail of changes to all asset records (service, parts, issues, etc.)

Tyre Inspection Report Sheet

Innovative Tyre Management System

Make your life easier – start tracking your tires today. Managing tyres, checking their performance makes it easier to select the best available option available

Innovative Tyre Management System

Managing tyres, checking their performance makes it easier to select the best available option available

Manage NSD, Claims, Stocks

Compare Tyre Performance

for more information visit our website– https://fleetable.tech/fleet_management_software/

Story of Fleetable

We discussed with lots of businesses that use vehicles as a part of their daily operations, we realized that many were not doing much to manage their vehicles as much as is required.

Being owner of several vehicles we understood that Vehicles being a huge profit center are not being managed to optimize their performance and profitability, so we decided to build a solution easy enough for any user to use it without any hassle.

We found that some people were using spreadsheets to manage their vehicle with their custom made sheets, we realized that important data is not being taken care w.r.t to users any one has rights to modify crucial data and the processes are people dependent.

Despite knowing that the approach towards managing their vehicles is not right, they couldn’t find anything affordable that suited their needs. They would rely on drivers to take care of their vehicles. With the help of some motivated early-adopter customers, we started building Fleetable in the summer of 2012.

At Affable Web Solutions Company

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We deal in Website development for businesses who want to differentiate in this competitive market. After the successful implementation of software we then assist our clients through training and by providing services.

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