How to Apply for Canada Study Visa: An Ultimate Guide

How to Apply for Canada Study Visa: An Ultimate Guide

Canada is a popular country among students when it comes to studying abroad. It is because of the living conditions, low tuition fees and facilities. Also, the native languages English and French, make it a top choice. But, living in this country requires a visa, and when it is for education, it is a study visa for students. Thus, to study in this nation, a student must have a Canada study visa with them.

Why Study in Canada?

There are plenty of reasons that make this country a top pick. And specifically with students, they choose study overseas to settle abroad. Because it provides them with plenty of career options and less competition for college admissions. The detailed and specific courses, motivate their students to opt for a Canada study visa and settle here. Thus, if scholars do choose to study in this nation, then they need a visa. To find out these steps, read the points below for a better understanding.

Steps to Get Your Canada Study Visa

Before starting the process of securing a visa, one must get admission to any of the Canadian universities. And to pick one from thousands of options is a tough job. Also, it is a crucial step to choose the right program for you, as it can clear a path to your career. There are two ways to apply for a visa, online and paper application. The online process is faster than the paper one. Thus, to understand how this process works, go through the pointers below.

Choose the Right Program for You

The step to choosing the right program is often ignored or not taken seriously. But this is a crucial part of your academic journey. When students study abroad, they face come across many duties and challenges. As everything is new,in an abroad country so pick the right program and meet people similar to you. And this dream college can open the gates for your future opportunities. So, find your interests, select a course, join a university and lastly secure a study visa to achieve your goals.

Prepare a Study Permit Application

After getting a confirmation to study in your dream university, you will receive an LOA (Letter of Acceptance). This letter is the first requirement for your visa process. This should include your specific details. With this information, you can start preparing for your study permit application. It requires documents explaining your reason for staying in Canada and your ability to support yourself. Thus, this process can differ depending on the country. The Canada study visa application needs you to submit the following papers listed below. Make sure to read them, so you do not miss any information.

Acceptance Letter

An acceptance letter is necessary in this process to prove your admission. This document must be attached to your application. You need this confirmation letter to qualify for a visa. Thus, if you do not submit one, there is a high chance that your application can be rejected.

Proof of Financial Support

A Canada study visa application needs written proof of ability to fund your education abroad. A paper to show that you can cover your tuition fees, living expenses, food and more when you live in Canada.

Proof of Identity

These verification documents are required to check your identity. It includes passports and passport-sized photos with your names and birth dates written on the back. Students applying online must upload a copy of their passport and if approved need to submit the original.

Submit a Study Permit Application

After checking and gathering all the documents, submit your application. Make sure that all the details you have given is updated. To avoid misplacing any paper, have at least two extra copies of them with you.Thus, to get a visa on time, students need to follow the above steps.

How Long Does the Visa Process Take?

After you complete your study visa process, it is time to wait for your confirmation. The process can take from 15 days to a month to be processed. It also depends upon the option you choose. Whether it is an online or direct paper application. Since it is hard to find a visa office nearby, so online is always preferred. And all you can do at this time is wait. However, if an application is approved, you will get a Letter of Introduction and a travel visa. Thus, these steps can make the process of studying in Canada easy for students.


In conclusion, living in Canada or any other country to study abroad can be exciting. Students get to explore new places and activities. Similarly, the education abroad also helps them learn many things. However, the process might limit one from applying. In this article, students will learn an easy and step-by-step guide to applying for a study visa in Canada. And to break this confusing process into a simple one, students must read the above points. A visa process needs certain documents from scholars, so they must give them on time. Submitting papers on time with updated details can increase the chance of a confirmation. So, complete the process, and wait for some time as it can take days to receive an answer. Thus, studying in Canada can be easy and beneficial if students learn these steps.

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