The Best Carpet Cleaning Chemicals for DIY and Professional Cleaning


Carpets can quickly become dirty and worn down from heavy foot traffic, spills, pet accidents, and more. Regular cleaning with the right chemicals is essential for preserving your carpets and keeping them looking their best. While you can always hire professional carpet cleaners, cleaning them yourself using the proper chemicals can save you time and money. 

This article will discuss the best carpet cleaning chemicals and solutions for both DIY cleaning and professional carpet cleaning services. We’ll go over what to look for when selecting carpet cleaners, provide recommendations for top products, and give tips for using them effectively. With the right chemicals and techniques, you can keep your carpets fresh, and clean, and extend their lifespan.

Importance of Using the Right Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Using the wrong chemicals or ineffective cleaning solutions on your carpets can cause a number of issues:

Damaging fibers – Harsh chemicals like bleach can break down carpet fibers. Over time, this can ruin the look and durability of your carpet.

Discoloration – Some cleaners contain dyes or brighteners that leave behind residues, leading to discolored patches on your carpet.

Attracting more dirt – Soaps and detergents can leave behind a sticky residue that actually attracts more dirt.

Bad odors – Low-quality cleaners often have strong perfumed fragrances to mask odors rather than eliminate them.

Health hazards – Some conventional cleaning solutions contain toxic ingredients like formaldehyde.

To avoid these problems, always select high-quality cleaning products designed specifically for carpets. Look for green-certified or non-toxic products when possible.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning your own carpets can save money and allow you to clean on your schedule. Make sure you have these supplies on hand:

Baking soda – As a natural deodorizer and mild abrasive, baking soda can absorb odors and help lift some stains. Let it sit for 15-30 minutes before vacuuming.

White vinegar – The acidic vinegar helps remove stains, freshens carpets, and acts as a natural disinfectant and deodorizer. Mix 1 cup with 1 gallon of water.

Hydrogen peroxide – This mild bleach alternative can remove some organic stains like wine, coffee, or fruit juice. Use a 3% solution. 

Liquid dish soap – Opt for clear, fragrance-free varieties. Mix a few drops per gallon of water to use as a pre-treater for stains.  

Carpet shampoo – Shampoos designed for carpet cleaning can thoroughly clean carpets without damaging them. Look for concentrated formulas.

Rental cleaners – Grocery stores and hardware stores often have carpet cleaner rentals if you don’t want to buy your own.

Top Carpet Cleaning Solutions for DIY

1. Hoover PetPlus Pet Stain & Odor Remover Solution

– Penetrates carpet fibers to remove dried-on stains 

– Contains powerful enzymes to eliminate odors

– Safe for use around pets when dried

2. Bissell Professional Pet Urine Eliminator + Oxy 

– Removes pet urine stains and odors 

– Uses activated oxygen to lift stains

– Leaves behind a fresh citrus scent

3. Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner Solution

– Strong enough for rental units and commercial carpet cleaners

– Foaming spray clings to carpet fibers  

– For portable machines or full-size cleaners

4. Turbo Shine Carpet Cleaning Solution

– Commercial-grade cleaning formula

– Contains grease-cutting surfactants  

– Won’t leave sticky residues behind

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Professional carpet cleaners have industrial-strength chemicals at their disposal to deep clean carpets, remove years of grime, and treat stubborn odors. Common solutions include:

Alkaline cleaners – Contain builders that lift dirt and oil-based stains. Often used for pre-spraying.

Acidic cleaners – Removes alkaline-based and water-soluble stains like coffee, fruit juice, or urine. May have anti-resoiling agents.

Anti-resoiling treatments – Prevents stains from setting and new dirt from adhering. Makes future cleanings easier.

Deodorizers – Neutralizes odors rather than masking them while cleaning away grime. Safe for pets when dried.

Disinfectants – Kills mold, bacteria, and viruses. Ideal if you have pets or health concerns. 

Spot removers – Pre-treatment gels and sprays target specific stains before the main cleaning.

Rinse agents – Removes cleaner residues that could attract soil later. Neutralizes carpet pH.

Truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines can heat water very hot to maximize cleaning power. Always hire certified carpet cleaning technicians for these machines.

Tips for Using Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Follow these tips when tackling carpet stains on your own or having them professionally cleaned:

Read all labels and instructions carefully before use. Follow all safety precautions.

Test chemicals in a small, inconspicuous area first to check for discoloration or damage.

Apply pre-sprays generously on stained or high-traffic areas, allowing time to soak in before cleaning.

For portable cleaners, fill with the hottest water possible and add chemicals as directed.

Move cleaner slowly in a consistent pattern, partially overlapping passes. Don’t rush.

Extract dirty water thoroughly. Go over the area with clean water to rinse. Allow proper drying time.

Open windows and use fans to speed drying. This prevents mold or mildew growth.

Periodically have carpets professionally cleaned every 6-12 months to keep them looking their best.

Using the appropriate carpet cleaning solutions for your needs and method will allow you to successfully remove stains, stubborn dirt, and allergens from your carpets. Your carpets will stay looking cleaner and newer for longer.


From DIY cleaning solutions like vinegar and carpet shampoo to professional-grade chemicals, having the right carpet cleaning products on hand is key to preserving your carpet’s appearance and lifespan. Always read labels carefully, test in small areas first, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

With regular care and cleaning using suitable carpet cleaners, you can tackle stains quickly, eliminate odors, and prevent premature wear. Your carpets will stay fresh, sanitary, and looking their best for many years to come. Professional deep cleaning every year or so will keep carpets in excellent condition.

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