Unlocking Investment Potential: What You Need to Know About Quant MF

Quant Mutual Fund

Quant Mutual Fund


Quant Asset Management Companybegan in 2018 when Quant Capital Finance & Investments Private Limited took charge of Escorts Mutual Fund. Since then, Quant Mutual Fund has become the 20th best Asset Management Company (AMC).

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at quantitative investing, especially focusing on how Quant Mutual Funds have grown. We’ll explore how these funds have become popular among investors by using smart calculations and careful strategies to make clever investment choices. Join us as we delve into the world of quantitative investing and discover the success story of Quant Mutual Funds.

What are the reasons for investing in Quant MF?

  • Quant MF uses smart computer programs to make good investment choices. Instead of relying on feelings, these programs follow a disciplined approach based on facts and data.
  • One important thing these funds do is manage risks smartly. They use math to understand and reduce the chances of things going wrong in the market.
  • When investing for a long time, like many years, these funds often give good results. They make decisions in a steady and balanced way, which can be helpful if planning to keep money invested for a long time.
  • These funds also use data and math to understand what’s happening in the market. This helps them make more accurate choices, leading to better results for investors.
  • These funds are flexible and can adjust to different situations in the market. Because of this, they can find new opportunities and change their plan based on what’s going on in the economy.

These characteristics distinguish the Quant Mutual Fund and contribute to its effectiveness. Its mathematical models help to maximize investment decisions, while the risk management system ensures that investments are done wisely. Diversification spreads investments over several asset classes, while a systematic approach guarantees that investments are done in a disciplined manner.

Top-performing fund schemes

Quant Small Cap Fund

Investment objective

This scheme aims to create current income and capital appreciation by investing in a well-diversified portfolio of fixed-income assets with moderate risk. There may be an exposure to equity and money market instruments.

Fund house name: Quant MF

Category: Equity Small Cap

CAGR: 13.31%

Benchmark: Nifty Small Cap 250 TRI

Quant Flexi Cap Fund

Investment objective

This scheme aims to generate long-term capital gains by investing primarily in equities and equity-related securities of firms operating in the Power/Energy Sector.

Fund house name: Quant MF

Category: Equity Flexi Cap

CAGR: 15.76%

Benchmark: Nifty 500 TRI

Quant Large Cap Fund

Investment objective

This scheme intends to create consistent returns by investing in stock and equity-related securities issued by large-cap corporations. The AMC will have the discretion to totally or partially invest in any of the above-mentioned assets to maximize returns or for defensive considerations.

Fund house name: Quant MF

Category: Equity Large Cap

CAGR: 26.06%

Benchmark: Nifty 100 TRI

Quant Infrastructure Fund

Investment objective

The fund’s primary investment strategy is to invest in equities and equity-related products issued by infrastructure businesses. The fund’s focus will be on highly competitive companies with a sizable and expanding market share.

Fund house name: Quant MF

Category: Equity Sectoral-Infrastructure

CAGR: 8.58%

Benchmark: Nifty Infrastructure TRI

Quant ELSS Tax Saver Fund

Investment objective

This scheme seeks to achieve capital appreciation by investing primarily in equity shares with growth potential. The secondary goal is to provide dividends and other income.

Fund house name: Quant MF

Category: Equity ELSS

CAGR: 16.21%

Benchmark: Nifty 500 TRI

Fund manager’s profile

Mr. Ankit Pande (Equity Fund Manager)

Mr. Ankit Pande is the head of equity having over ten years of experience in Indian stocks. He’s recognized as one of the top Money Managers in the Mutual Fund Industry. His career kicked off by creating banking software at Infosys. Ankit gained acclaim in 2014, winning the Thomson Reuters StarMine Analysts award for being the best “Industry Stock Picker” in the Information Technology sector during his time as a technology analyst.

Who should invest in Quant Mutual Fund?

When considering an investment in quant mutual funds, several factors should be taken into account:

Analytical Thinkers

If decisions based on numbers and algorithms appeal to you, quant mutual funds might be a suitable choice. These funds heavily rely on data analysis and mathematical approaches, making them well-suited for those who appreciate such methods in investing.

Risk Takers

While the focus of quant mutual funds is on risk management, it should be noted that every investment carries a certain level of risk. When contemplating these funds, understanding their risk management strategies and ensuring alignment with the investor’s risk tolerance is crucial.

Diversification Preference

Investments made by quant mutual funds typically span various assets and business sectors. Opting for quant mutual funds can expose investors to a variety of investment options, providing a means to lower risk through portfolio diversification.

Long-Term Planners

A wise choice can be made with quant mutual funds if a long-term investment plan is in place and the ability to stay committed to investments during market fluctuations exists. Better performance over extended periods is a common trait of these funds.


The rise of quantitative strategies and the arrival of Quant Mutual Fund have become an important part of the ever-changing world of investing. As we dive into the world of data-driven decision-making, fancy algorithms, and smart risk management, it’s clear that quant investing is not just a passing trend, it’s a game-changer.

Quantitative strategies, with their organized methods and use of clever computer programs, offer a great chance for investors who want precision, fairness, and flexibility. By looking at how the market behaved in the past, these strategies can find patterns and trends, giving a special advantage and making investment decisions better and smarter.

They also provide an online Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), which is like a step-by-step guide to entering the financial market. Taking everything into account, these funds are a solid choice for anyone aiming to create a mix of investments for a strong and steady portfolio.

There is no better time to start one’s investment journey than now. Build a safe and secure future with this Mutual Fund house. Start early.

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